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The future of wastewater treatment is here

We protect Africa’s water resources

Who We Are

Blue Gold Holdings is a company with a passion for protecting the precious water resources of Africa. We are always willing to partner with innovators in water and sanitation in order to provide clients with integrated solutions.

We are a strong supporter of the BUILD-OWN-OPERATE (B-O-O) model whereby Blue Gold Holdings will build and install a water treatment plant for you at no cost to you. Then the treatment plant is repaid over a long term period at an agreed monthly rate for every 1000L used.  This is a very cost-effective low-risk way for you to have a treatment plant as it ensures COST SAVINGS & WATER SECURITY. All companies that have opted for this B-O-O model now have a monthly water bill that is much lower than the water bill they were paying to their respective municipalities or councils.



Water Treatment

Our innovative solutions are able to treat raw water into drinkable water.

Wastewater treatment

We are able to treat both domestic and industrial wastewater.

Water efficiency auditing

We are also a registered water efficiency auditing company.

Remediation of polluted soil

We are also able to remediate and clean up polluted soil.

The Industries We Serve.

Our solutions are applicable in all industries where residual wastewater is generated:

  • Municipalities
  • Mining
  • Power stations
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture & food processing
  • Paper & pulp
  • Healthcare
  • Gyms
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial property (malls & office parks)


Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Water Efficiency Auditing

Remediation Of Polluted Soil


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