“The future of wastewater treatment is here”


MS-CATOXI is applicable in all industries where residual wastewater is produced. It is a green technology that fits all urban, industrial and agro-industrial sectors.

  • Mining
    • Industries 3Wastewater generated in mines is characterized by low pH (very acidic), high salt contents mostly in the form of phosphates and the presence of heavy metals. Using (electro) magnetic separation, MS-CATOXI is able to separate over 99% of TSS and over 99.9% of phosphates, heavy metals and other dissolved compounds resulting in a turbidity of less than 10 NTU. This makes MS-CATOXI the optimal solution for Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) found in mines around Southern Africa.
  • Urban
    • Industries 1MS-CATOXI is the most efficient stand-alone technology for wastewater treatment. This is supported by the residence time of 0.5min to 15min compared to conventional technologies which have a minimum residence time of 0.5 hours to 5 hours. If required, the technology can be a retro-fit to enhance existing technologies. For instance, in activated sludge biological plants, MS-CATOXI can treat the obtained sludge by retrieving the residual humidity and result in big economic savings as there will be no need to invest in filter-press or centrifuge dewatering equipment. This is because the resulting sludge will have hydrophobic properties and dry out in a few hours. The dry sludge can then be used as bio compost. All organic components are mineralized during the catalytic oxidation, resulting in high quality water.
  • Agriculture & Food
    • Industries 2Agricultural run-off is a major source of pollution, often containing concentrated levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, copper, pesticides and herbicides. This is a result of commercial fertilizer, animal manure, crop residues and irrigation water. MS-CATOXI can perform selective separation of these pollutants resulting in high quality water, Bio-NPK and sludge of less than 35% humidity. The sludge can also be digested to generate biogas after separating the NPK fractions.
  • Manufacturing
    • Industries 4okMS-CATOXI is suitable for the remediation of wastewater from different sources. It is able to treat wastewater from industries such as the pharmaceutical, paper/pulp, automotive and petrochemical industries. The technology can be used to treat wastewater from these industries at the source of pollution before it mixes with urban wastewater at municipal wastewater treatment plants. This is because wastewater from these industries is known to contain high levels of endocrine disrupting substances and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances which are detrimental to human and animal health. The treated water can then be recycled during the manufacturing processes and result in big savings in water consumption.