“The future of wastewater treatment is here”


  • MBI Consulting Worldwide
    • MBI Consulting Worldwide is a global engineering company providing comprehensive turn-key projects to public institutions, NGOs and private companies. The company is known for its innovative advanced MS-CATOXI technology for the treatment of all forms of wastewater effluents. It also provides a range of integrated technologies in solid waste processing and alternative energy. Blue Gold Holdings enjoys a good working relationship with the technical team at MBI Consulting headed by the world-renowned Professor Birame Boye.
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  • Afri Scan Technologies
    • Afri Scan Technologies specializes in the precise detection of underground utilities. This information is important for the planning and risk assessment processes prior to any invasive or intrusive construction work being done.  This is done to minimize damaging existing infrastructure and to reduce costs related to excavation. This is because as the infrastructure grows, the web of subsurface pipes and cables becomes more complex. The detection is done by combining Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electromagnetic (EM) and Radio Frequency (RF) equipment and technology to locate and map out existing subsurface pipes and cables. The company has also partnered with Jasco to promote TaKaDu’s innovative leak detection software for the smart management of water networks in South Africa in order to minimize water leaks. This is because over 30% of potable water in South Africa is lost through leaks. The system has had great results in all the cities worldwide where it has been implemented.
  • Semsana
    • Semsana is a commercial advisory firm that works to bring positive change to business and life in Africa. Commercialisation and practical application of science and technology to unlock economic value, and spark sustainable growth, in new and existing markets lies at the core of our mission and vision.
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