arvia process

the Arvia Process is the first and only water technology that combines adsorption and oxidation in a single process. It has been well proven in numerous sites in the UK, US, Germany, Spain and China to be a very effective process for removing recalcitrant micro pollutants and endocrine disrupting pollutants from various water effluents. It is ideal for reducing colour, chemical oxygen demand (COD) & biological oxygen demand (BOD) from wastewater. With water discharge standards becoming increasingly stringent, this technology will ensure that any treated wastewater constantly meets any changing water standards. The key to the technology is the adsorbent material called NYEX which adsorbs the pollutants which are then oxidised into carbon dioxide and water.


  • No sludge produced
  • Energy efficient
  • Modular by design
  • Little maintenance as the NYEX only needs to be changed on average every 3 years
  • Can be managed remotely offsite
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