ms catoxi

This technology is part of an emerging group of water technologies called advanced electrochemical oxidation processes (AEOPs). It is the most optimal solution for wastewater treatment as it is able to not only separate the suspended solids into a hydrophobic sludge, but can also selectively separate out dissolved solids from effluent such as acid mine drainage (AMD) and even treat the wastewater into drinkable water. The technology can also be a retrofit to an existing water or wastewater treatment plant.


  • Closed circuit use of water made possible
  • No need for manual sludge drying/dewatering because the sludge becomes hydrophobic and dries out by itself in a few hours
  • Organic sludge can be used to generate biogas in an anaerobic bioreactor
  • The sludge can be used as a bio fertilizer in agriculture or forestry

Direct Treatment 

Cogeneration treatment (water treatment & biogas generation)

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